We specialize in VizRT products, which are powerful and complex toolkits capable of creating some amazing content for your broadcasts. However, we understand that not everyone can be an expert in the field right from the start.  We can help your team get started with any project from basic Trio packages to advanced Transition Logic graphics production.


Offering scalable solutions to suit your needs, from newsroom based solutions for journalists and producers, to in-depth sports broadcasting and statically based platforms Videosalt will have all your needs are covered – in real time – with the simple click of a button.


Videosalt offers its customers a full service creative shop showcasing expertise in animation, design & project management for the insert graphic creative process.  We are dedicated to our client’s idea & focus on delivering unparalleled attention to detail and quality in our work. We understand how easy it is to get lost in a sea of possibilities for the creation of your project aim to provide you with a clear vision, realisation and direction for your concept.  We are happy to provide fresh direction and innovative ideas, take your concepts and bring them to life, or to work hand-in-hand with your preferred partners to build the graphics package perfectly suited for your needs, whatever it takes to bring your idea to life.


A key part of any graphics package is a ticker. This is a powerful tool used by broadcasters to display different levels of information to an audience. A ticker is flexible in what types of information it can display, as it can pull data from a range of sources to provide a rich source of content. Girraphic can design a ticker to best suit the needs of a production, from a breaking news ticker to complex sports analysis.


VizRT is a powerful and complex tool capable of creating some amazing content for your broadcasts, but we understand that not everyone can be an expert in the field. We cover everything from basic design and VizRT Artist training to technical and hardware installation to more advanced graphics production. We have the necessary experience to make sure you are getting the highest quality possible output from all your systems. Training always goes better with a project build attached as everyone involved is doing practical applications of the lessons they learn.